The dash is on! The sun has gone supernova and you need to resuce the Gopas!

Super Gopa Dash is a crazy action puzzle platformer, which throws you into space with the fun loving Gopas, cute little characters from the outer galaxy. Your goal is to rescue them from the exploding sun, avoiding all sorts of obstacles, from forcefields and aliens to frozen planets, meteor attacks, exploding planets and more!

SIMPLE CONTROLS – Flick your Gopas past all obstacles to reach the portal in each system.

SO MANY LEVELS – 60 Levels of action spanning three galaxies. Can you conquer “Cosmic Chaos” before moving onto “Supernova Spectacular” and the finale “Nebula Nightmare”? The game starts easy, and gently builds up to crazy action, with new obstacles, larger levels to conquer, and more.

AMAZING ARRAY OF OBSTACLES – Almost too many to name, but here goes! Forcefield planets, teleporters, shrinking planets, exploding planets, meteor showers, UFO’s, asteroid belts, cosmic bouncers, minefields, frozen planets, burning planets, aliens, giant planets, comets. Phew!

BONUSES – Get extra points for rescuing all the Gopas, grabbing the star pickups and clearing a level quickly!

GORGEOUS CARTOONY GRAPHICS – Colorful, funny characters and worlds come to life!

PARENT FRIENDLY – No ads, no popups, no in-app purchases, no tracking.